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What is the Leave a Legacy Program?
Leave A Legacy program is a campaign conducted by the National Committee on Planned Giving to inspire people like you to make charitable bequest. A bequest is a type of “planned gift” that will be distributed sometime in the future to a charity that is meaningful to you.

Leave a Legacy is a broad-based community campaign that involves all non-profit groups, including social service and arts organizations, churches, hospitals and educational institutions. Professionals who assist donors with charitable estate planning conduct the program. These partners help promote the message that people from all walks of life – covering a wide range of ages and income levels – have the ability to “make a difference in the lives that follow” by leaving a charitable legacy.

You give to make a difference in the lives of others.
When you help your charitable gift touches those in need today. The world’s problems aren’t easy to solve, but your gifts build solutions and your support also touches the future. They will be creating your vision for a better world long after your lifetime. Their work, and the lives they touch, can be your legacy.

What you should know…
You can make a legacy gift to charity. Whether you think of yourself as rich or poor, or somewhere in between, your gift can make a difference. Even a small amount can have a big impact over time. You can leave money to your family and to your favorite charity. Some people think they must choose between leaving a gift to their family or their favorite charity. You can do both, and some charitable gifts may actually save your family money by decreasing inheritance taxes. It’s easy. A simple directive in your will can bring welcome support to an organization that will make a difference in many lives.

Why Should I Give…
During life’s struggles, we are often reminded that more must be done to continue positive, humane acts of kindness, and to sustain programs for personal enrichment.
• Charitable organizations need financial assistance from people like you to continue their work.
• You can continue to help organizations that are making an important difference in your community.
• What better way to thank the organization or charity that has had an impact on your life or the life of somebody you know by leaving a bequest or other “planned gift”.
Gifts of all sizes are important. Charitable giving is for anyone who wants to make a difference.

You can start today.
• Make sure you have an up-to-date will (or living trust ) that reflects your charitable objectives. Without these documents, you surrender control of your property and assets to the courts.
• Contact your financial advisor (a financial planner, lawyer or accountant) and ask for help in establishing a charitable gift.
• Think beyond cash–you can leave stocks, real estate, insurance policies and personal property to charitable organizations.
• Make your favorite charity a beneficiary of your life insurance, pension plan or IRA

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