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Independent Living Services

Independent Living Services (ILS) are intended for those consumers who desire to live in their own housing, or are already living in their own housing and need ongoing assistance. The number of hours provided monthly, vary per consumer but are generally in the 15 hours to 30 hours per month range. At the time a consumer enters the program, she/he might be living at home, desiring training before moving out into the community, living in a board and care facility, living in a residential hotel, or living in his/her own apartment and needs additional support to continue living independently. Training is done in the home, and various settings within the community.

The consumer will be assigned his/her own trainer, and will work on all areas deemed necessary for the individual, such as: cooking, money management, self-advocacy, communication, emergency procedures, laundry, shopping, and use of public transportation. In addition, the consumer will be assisted in applying for Section 8 housing as well as searching for an apartment. 

All training is one to one, though occasionally plans are made for a group outing, cooking class, or other classes/training that would benefit the consumers.

For more information on Independent Living Services, please contact: 
Kidada Dobbins, Director of Independent Living Services at (510) 567-2611 or email: Independent Living Services.

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