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Employment Services

Job Development

For those individuals who are deemed “job ready” based on the information gathered in the intake meeting and during the assessment, Stepping Stones has a job development service which is intended to match an individual’s employment interests to an employer’s needs. Often this involves what we call “job carving,” which is a process wherein we assist an employer in identifying parts of current employees’ job duties which possibly could be combined into the job duties of a position filled by one of our clients. Typically, job development is a service designed for those individuals who don’t need the 100% job coaching support offered in supported group situations, though occasionally an individual in job development will be hired into a direct hire group situation, if such an opening is a good fit for him/her.

Intake & Assessment

The Intake and Assessment department is a multi service department designed to coordinate, interview and select the appropriate consumers for sub-contract, direct hire groups and Individual Placement employment opportunities. The intake process coordinates material received from the Regional Center of the East Bay Case Management Team and referrals made from the Department of Rehabilitation.

The Assessment process is a learning tool used to facilitate the best possible placement based on skills and abilities along with appropriate behavioral control. Measuring abilities and capabilities in a number of areas, the assessment is conducted at a community based work site for 2-14 days or longer, depending on the nature of the Assessment. The Assessment is designed to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, employment interests, skill level, behavioral control, communication and people skills. The goal is to gain reality based observations from the process.

The type of consumer most successful in many of our training and employment opportunities are those with a desire to work in the community, has some previous work or training experience, has an appropriate level of behavioral control, demonstrates motivation to assist in the vocational and career planning process, is able to effectively communicate and engage in the in the decision making process, has some basic academic skills and overall is flexible and open-minded.

For more information on Job Development or Intake & Assessment, please contact:
Bob Robichaud, Deputy Director of Employment at
(510) 567-2925 or email: Employment Services.

Employment Opportunities

Group Placement

Direct hire groups are intended for those individuals whose skills and qualifications will enable them to be hired on directly by an employer. Our current direct hire group employers include Safeway, Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Stepping Stones. Consumers in group situations, though on the whole quite capable, are usually in need of some job coaching assistance on an ongoing basis throughout the day. Also, the fact that groups work set days and set hours, week in and week out, suits the needs of those consumers. In individual placements, consumers typically work different days and hours each week, depending upon the needs of the employer. Consumers in direct hire groups make the same wage as any other employee in their job category. Stepping Stones provides job coaches 100% of the work time in direct hire groups, with no cost to the employer.

For more information on Group Placement opportunities, please contact:
Narisha Washington, Supervisor of Group Employment at (510) 568-3331 ext. 2643 or email: Group Placement.

Individual Placement

The Employment Services Program provides job coaching support for individuals in many different situations. The ideal consumer for this program is a person who is able to follow rules, follow given instructions (from supervisors and job coach), complete job assignments on his/her own, and work in a job setting with minimal supervision. The consumer must also be someone who is reliable, punctual, and work ready. Once placed in employment, if not already placed, a job coach will be assigned to the consumer and will train him/her until s/he has mastered the duties of their new job position. The job coach will then continue to make weekly visits to assure appropriate work habits, work relations, understanding of tasks, and quality of work.

For more information on Individual Placement opportunities, please contact:
Bob Robichaud, Deputy Director of Employment at
(510) 567-2625 or email: Individual Placement.

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