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Artful Steps

The mission of Artful Steps is “to teach individuals, of every level of ability, methods for self-expression through the visual arts.” The goal of Artful Steps is to enhance not only the artistic abilities of the participants, but their self-esteem and independence as well. Artful Steps is comprised of two programs. The morning session of Artful Steps, considered a day activity program, runs Monday through Friday from 8AM to 2PM. The afternoon session, a social recreation program, runs Monday through Friday from 2PM to 6PM.

Artful Steps is dedicated to promoting the talent of our artists through organizing community-based events throughout the year. Since its inception the Artful Steps program has had exhibits in Oakland: at the Oakland City Hall and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission; in San Leandro: at the San Leandro Main Library’s art galleries and Sabino’s Café’: and Union City: at Paddy’s Coffee House and the Sports Center. Annually, since 2000, Artful Steps organizes a live art auction! More than half of the sale of the artwork goes to the artists themselves, with Stepping Stones’ share used to cover the cost of materials and framing.

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For more information on Artful Steps, please contact: 
Missy Brooks, Artful Steps Director at (510) 567-2621 or email: Artful Steps.

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